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Rumor: Star Wars Rebels to only air for 3 or 4 seasons

  The entertainment site Slash Film has a report that Disney is planning to only air Star Wars Rebels for 3-4 seasons and then replace it with a new animated series set during the Sequel Trilogy timeline. Rumor has it that Disney and Lucasfilm are planning to do “about” three or four seasons of Star Wars Rebels before starting a… Read more →


Paul’s Rebels Review: Gathering Forces (Spoilers)

Gathering Forces Directed by: Steward lee Written by: Greg Weisman When we last saw our heroes they had just managed to escape Capital City and Agent Kallus, but were being pursued by the Inquisitor and several TIE fighters.  Things did not look good for our heroes. This episode picks up immediately following as we see the Ghost leave Lothal’s atmosphere and try… Read more →

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Full Episodes of Star Wars Rebels Available until December 7th

No cable? No problem! Want to watch Star Wars Rebels online? Until December 7th, you can view five episodes of the series here on the official Star Wars site. The Spark of the Rebellion pilot includes the additional Darth Vader sequence in case you missed it when it aired on ABC. Spark of Rebellion – Star Wars Rebels Full Episode… Read more →


After Gather Forces, Star Wars Rebels takes a holiday until January 5th

This week it was confirmed by Lucasfilm Empress of PR Tracy Cannobbio that Star Wars Rebels will be taking a break during the holiday season after the seventh episode, “Gathering Forces” airs on television on November 24th.   Hi @BlueJaigEyes! That’s correct. We will have a break for the holidays and return on January 5th with new episodes. — Tracy… Read more →

Paul’s Rebels Review: Empire Day

Empire Day Directed by: Steven G. Lee Written by: Henry Gilroy It’s time for that most patriotic of all holidays, Empire Day.  The day we all gather to celebrate the ending of the Clone Wars and the rise of the Empire.  We celebrate or else. The crew of the Ghost has their own plans for Empire Day, but before the festivities can… Read more →


Not the Mama! A Case for Hera’s Leadership: Alex’s Rebels Review

Out of Darkness Directed by: Steward Lee Written by: Kevin Hopps In this aptly titled episode, it was the mysterious and criminally underused female members of the Ghost crew who finally stepped into the spotlight for 22 minutes. While we’ve had plenty of Ezra- and Kanan-focused episodes and, my favorite episode so far, a pretty solid Zeb-focused episode, Sabine the mysterious Mando… Read more →

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Podcast Review: Season 1 Episode 5: Out of Darkness

We are back and this time Pete and Andy are reviewing Season 1 Episode 5: Out of Darkness featuring Hera and Sabine. Some topics include: The Force Awakens Episode VII title, The big debate in fandom: who is Fulcrum, What did Sabine do on Mandalore before joining the Rebels, What is Hera’s larger plan with the Rebellion and much more.… Read more →