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Rebels Report T-Shirts On-Sale Now!

Loyal readers and listeners you can now wear your fandom on your sleeve…err chest with our new Rebels Report logo shirts available on TeePublic. The shirts are on sale now for $14 dollars. We would love to see some folks at Celebration Anaheim sporting these beauties. LINK Read more →


Hera and Chopper – Fan Art of the Day

DeviantArt user, Tom Hodges, is know for his beautiful drawings and illustrations of various Star Wars characters. They can range from Ahsoka (which we’ll definitely share in the future) to Darth Vader. Tom shared this Rebels inspired piece of work last year, but I felt it needed to be shared again due to how amazing it is. It features two… Read more →


Star Wars Celebration Anaheim: Full Schedule of Star Wars Rebels Panels

On Tuesday March 24th nearly all of the programming schedule for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim was released. Included in this release are more panels with Star Wars Rebels content. Rebels Report Thu. April 16| 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM | Star Wars Podcast Stage – 208B Add to My Show Planner http://rebelsreport.com/ Track: Podcast Keith Kellogg: Animation with Attitude Thu.… Read more →

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Podcast Review: Season 1 Episode 13: Fire Across the Galaxy

Welcome to our Star Wars Rebels review podcast of the season one finale and this time Pete, Andy, and Kale discuss Episode 13 Fire Across the Galaxy featuring you known who. Some topics include: Discuss our reactions when discovering Ahsoka’s reveal. Share our thoughts on Ahsoka’s new appearance, armour, lightsabers, and more. Does Kanan know of Ahsoka and does Ahsoka know of Darth Vader’s identity?… Read more →


Review: Star Wars Rebels: Sabine My Rebel Sketchbook

Star Wars Rebels proved from the start that it was nothing to pick at. Offering a wide variety of new characters, strong female leads, a new astromech droid to fall in love with, or not, and more info into the Star Wars lore, what isn’t to love? The TV series has produced DVDs, toys, clocks, bed spreads, and most importantly, books! There… Read more →


Space Married – Fan Art of the Day

Artist Claire Morris shares all sorts of amazing Star Wars Rebels fan art via her tumblr, Sketches Sketches, but most recently she shared one piece that has been making buzz around the internet. Claire basically took what we all wanted from the season one finale and put it on-screen for us. She posted the following image with the caption, “Some… Read more →


#AhsokaLives Day at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim

Geek reporter extraordinaire Amy Ratcliffe (@Amy_Geek) is organizing a very cool event at Celebration Anaheim. Fans of Ahsoka Tano whether from The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels or both will want to be aware that Friday April 17 at Celebration Anaheim will be #AhsokaLives Day. There is a Facebook event page set up for the event. If you are at… Read more →