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Podcast Review: Season 1 Episode 3: Rise of the Old Masters

Join Pete, Andy, and FlyGuy of FlyGuy.net as we talk Episode 3 of Star Wars Rebels: Rise of the Old Masters. In this episode some topics included: Disney XD viewing numbers and how Disney can raise the numbers for Star Wars Rebels What was going on with Luminara Unduli Who is Senator Gall Trayvis Did the Inquisitor meet the hype and more!… Read more →


Alex’s Rebels Review: Rise of the Old Masters (Spoilers)

Rise of the Old Masters Written by: Steward Lee Directed by: Henry Gilroy Finally, the episode I’ve been most looking forward to since the “Star Wars Rebels: A Look Ahead” video debuted on YouTube, “Rise of the Old Masters,” was released to the public. This was the episode that was shown at quite a few different events alongside “Spark of… Read more →


Rebels Reflections #4: Rise of the Old Masters: The Dead and The Exiled

The most hyped episode of Star Wars Rebels is finally here. This episode bring the debut of The Inquisitor and the return of Jedi Master Luminara Unduli. For other perspectives on “Rise of the Old Masters” check out the review by Paul. Episode Micro-Review: Episode Number: Season 1, Episode 3 (Production #106) Episode Title: Rise of the Old Masters Writer:… Read more →


Paul’s Rebels Review: Rise of the Old Masters (Spoilers)

  Rise of the Old Masters Directed by: Steward Lee Written by: Henry Gilroy Qui-gon Jinn said that training to be a Jedi was a hard life.  The life of a Jedi is even harder now, what Jedi left are on the run from the Empire.  Kanan was only a padawan during the Clone Wars and has kept his Jedi skills mostly… Read more →

Cosplay 101: Sabine Armor Build: EVA Foam vs. Sintra

The first season of Star Wars Rebels is well underway, and with that comes people wanting to cosplay as characters from the show. I’ve spent the past few months working on and off on a Sabine Wren cosplay. Her outfit is relatively straightforward in terms of what to do, despite the challenges of each individual piece. However, when it came… Read more →


Rebels Reflections #3: Fighter Flight: Sumar-y Eviction

If you got the pun intended by the headline then you know the part of this episode I am going to focus on but before then it is time for my micro-review. For other perspectives on “Fighter Flight” check out the review by Alex and Paul, as well as our latest podcast focusing on this episode.   Episode Micro-Review: Episode… Read more →

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Podcast Review: Season 1 Episode 2: Fighter Flight

Join Pete and Andy as they talk Episode 2 of Star Wars Rebels: Fighter Flight. In this episode some topics included: The latest Rebels news Discuss Disney XD’s staggered release of the episodes and it’s impact on the Star Wars community Ezra’s lack of game when it comes to Sabine The brotherly relationship between Zeb and Ezra and much more.… Read more →

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Alex’s Rebels Review: Fighter Flight (Spoiler-Free)

Fighter Flight Directed by: Steven G. Lee Written by: Kevin Hopps And lo, ye Rebels Report reviewer was presented with The Review’s Dilemma: how art thou supposed to adequately and effectively review a television program at an individual-episode basis if two episodes are released at once? Each week, a new episode premieres on Disney XD, while another episode simultaneously becomes… Read more →