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Chopper is the Best – Fan Art of the Day

After last weeks episode of Star Wars Rebels, “Blood Sisters”, I think my love for Chopper has grown exponentially. He’s one of my favorite characters on Star Wars Rebels, if not my all time favorite. He’s funny, mean, and has the best sense of humor. So I was really surprised when I came across this latest fan art on my tumblr… Read more →


Paul’s Rebels Review: Blood Sisters

Directed by: Bosco Ng Written by: Kevin Hopps The Rebels are still operating on the planet of Garel.  Hera is handing out various assignments to retrieve parts and intel from across the planet.  She has assigned Sabine with recovering and delivering a courier with sensitive information to a rendezvous with Senator Organa’s team.  Sounds easy enough. As Hera points out if the… Read more →


Paul’s Rebels Review: Wings of the Master

Directed by: Sergio Paez Written by: Steven Melching The people on the planet Ibaar are suffering at the hands of the Empire.  The Imperials have cut their rations and are working them extra hard.  Many are not expected to last another planetary rotation.  The crew of the Ghost alongside Phoenix Squadron are going to deliver food rations to help those in need,… Read more →


Paul’s Rebels Review: Brothers of the Broken Horn

Directed by: Saul Ruiz Written by: Bill Wolkoff Ezra is bored and growing restless.  He spends his time alternating between soldier practice with Rex and Jedi practice with Kanan, each one of them stressing the importance of the practice.  It seems that both teachers want Ezra to succeed but at the same time they seem to be using him as a pawn… Read more →


Rex and Ahsoka – Fan Art of the Day

Since the premiere of Star Wars Rebels, it’s been nothing short of amazing. Between meeting the clones again and seeing Ahsoka, I’m usually just a bundle of feels. So this weeks fan art comes to us via Lorna-ka on tumblr. It’s a beautiful drawing of when Ahsoka and Rex finally meet for the first time in years. It’s so pretty… Read more →


Paul’s Rebels Review: Always Two There Are (Spoilers)

Directed by: Brad Rau Written by: Kevin Hopps Hera has sent Sabine and Zeb on a seemingly routine mission to an abandoned Republic medical base to recover supplies and Ezra has tagged along because he needs to get away from Kanan and Rex’s bickering.  They will find more than just supplies waiting for them at the station. The episode opens with Zeb… Read more →


Paul’s Rebels Review: Relics of the Old Republic (Spoilers)

Directed by: Bosco Ng Written by: Steven Melching The Empire has tracked the Rebels to the planet Seelos.  However, the Phantom is damaged and the Rebels can’t escape.  They will have to depend on the clones Rex, Gregor, and Wolffe to cover their escape. This is the episode that we all wanted to see ever since it was announced that the clones… Read more →

season 2

Podcast Review: Season 2 Episode 3: The Lost Commanders

Welcome to our Star Wars Rebels review podcast of the season one finale and this time Andy and Kale are joined by Pete and special guest Saf to discuss the return of the clones in Episode 3: The Lost Commanders. Some topics include: What Kanan is going through being forced to interact with clones again The Siege of Mandalore and… Read more →


Paul’s Rebels Review: The Lost Commanders (Spoilers)

  The Lost Commanders Directed by: Sergio Paez Written by: Matt Michnovetz After a huge premiere event at the beginning of the summer and countless teasers, clips and press events, Rebels Season 2 is finally here with the first episode The Lost Commanders. Going into this episode so much of it already felt familiar because of all the hype and build up… Read more →


Ahsoka and Ezra: Leader and Padawan – Fan Art of the Day

Star Wars Rebels premieres in one week! *commence freakout* It seems like season 2 would never arrive, but it’s almost here, ready for us to become even more obsessed with this show. I’m just so happy to see more of Ahsoka and Rex! I can’t wait to witness their adventures firsthand. I’m also very excited to see the Seventh Sister aka… Read more →