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Rebels Reaction at Katsucon 2015

Katsucon returned to National Harbor, MD once again this year for the weekend of February 13-15. It was my second year at Katsu, and also the anniversary of my Star Wars cosplay debut. Last year I cosplayed from Star Wars for the first time as Jaina Solo, with my cosplay partner Xadus as Jagged Fel. Naturally, we had to bring… Read more →


LEGO Star Wars: Droid Tales to Air on Disney XD Later This Year

THR is reporting that Disney XD will be airing five 22-minute shorts retelling the Star Wars Saga in beloved LEGO style in a new animated series titled LEGO Star Wars: Droid Tales. This new animated series will air sometime in 2015 and will follow Artoo and Threepio as the movies are retold from their perspective. Here’s the article from The Hollywood Report. The Star… Read more →

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Rebels Rewind Trailer Analysis: It All Comes Down to This

Rebels Report is proud to present Rebels Rewind! A series where we break down a Star Wars Rebels trailer frame by frame and give our two cents on what we see. This time Andy and Pete look at the “It All Comes Down to This” trailer for the season one finale, Episode 13 “Fire Across the Galaxy.” Check out our… Read more →

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Darth Vader Returns to the Season Finale (Pictures)

From the latest “Fire Across the Galaxy” trailer, we learn the supreme commander of the Imperial Forces is back! Darth Vader is returning to Star Wars Rebels in the season finale and when you mix Mustafar and the greatest villain of all time, you know things just got a lot more dangerous. The season finale episode of Star Wars Rebels “Fire Across… Read more →


Every “Fire Across the Galaxy” Season Finale Preview and Trailer

March 2nd is fast approaching and the season one finale of Star Wars Rebels is going to be an incredible ride. Disney has released multiple trailers and you can view them all below. The season finale episode of Star Wars Rebels “Fire Across the Galaxy” premieres Monday night, March 2nd at 9/8c! “He’s Alive” “It All Comes Down to This” “You Got… Read more →

Rebel Resolve

Podcast Review: Season 1 Episode 12: Rebel Resolve

Welcome to our Star Wars Rebels review podcast and this time Pete, Andy, and Kale discuss Episode 12: Rebel Resolve featuring Chopper saving the day, the future impact of Fulcrum, Kanan’s fate and much much more speculation! Some topics include: How Fulcrum will play into the greater galaxy and affect the likes of the Emperor and Vader. Discuss the possibility of there being… Read more →

Hera's resolve.

Paul’s Rebels Review: Rebel Resolve

“Rebel Resolve” Directed by: Justin Ridge Written by: Charles Murray & Henry Gilroy The Rebels are desperate to save Kanan after he was captured during their previous mission.  They are attacking Imperial targets in an attempt to slice into the Imperial network for information on Kanan. The episode opens on the streets of Lothal as an AT-DP walker and Stormtroopers march through… Read more →


Star Wars Rebels Meets Gravity (VIDEO)

In Episode 12 of Star Wars Rebels, Chopper sends several stormtroopers into space and I was immediately reminded me of the 2013 film Gravity. Here’s a video combining the incredible Gravity soundtrack to that sequence from Star Wars Rebels. I had fun creating it and hope you have fun watching it!   Read more →

call to action

Podcast Review: Season 1 Episode 11: Call to Action

Welcome to our podcast review and this time Pete, Andy, and Kale review Episode 11: Call to Action featuring the Grand Moff, bounty hunters, and much more! Some topics include: The parallels between Return of the Jedi and this episode of Rebels.   Could bounty hunters be in the future of Star Wars Rebels? Boba Fett, Cad Bane, IG-88, and many more… Read more →